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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great deals


I have been waiting to post our finished downstairs bathroom.  But it's not finished!  We were on a deadline to get it done before Thanksgiving because Dad and Sis are coming for the holiday, but our plumber went on a 2 week vacation hunting.  How dare he!!  Anyway, since we got delayed, we started on the upstairs bath.  Again, Cori used her awesome talent and made a cool bench/cubby/towel or robe hanger in the corner (bottom pic). It's not quite finished.  We are hanging 3 hooks and painting it gray.   The original bathroom had a corner vanity  (top picure) which we pulled out and we are putting in an old dressing table as our new vanity ($30 at Habitat Restore).  We got a deal on a sink -$3.50! (again at the Restore), and $60 off a faucet at Menards today.  I finished cutting the hole for sink today but we have to wait for the plumber to finish his plumbing duties! 
Family will start coming tomorrow. I am taking a few days off to eat and relax...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Creative and Talented Sister

Just looked at the last post.  Wow!! Time flies.  I can not believe it has been more than a month since I posted anything. 
We have been working almost everyday and making lots of progress. (We did take time off to go to my niece's wedding in the Keys ).  In a few days we got two rooms done-the back room (with the new roof) and the dining room.  They were pretty simple once we had the drywallers do the ceiling and back wall.  Cori watched them and now is better than the professionals.  She closed up one of the doorways into the bathroom because it opened right into a view of the toilet.  After mudding and sanding, you can't even tell a door was ever there.  In the photo, the door was on the right.  (the other door is a closet) .  The color is an olive green with antique white trim.  The dining room is more of an olive gray with same color trim.
We are almost done with the bathroom.  It is going to be soooo wonderful.  (I'm going to enter it in a before/after contest !). We only have a few things left to do and then I will post pictures. 
Here's what Cori did today- We had an old cold air return in living room that was falling apart.  It was large and would be expensive to get a new one, like $200 for a vintage one.  Well, Cori looks at it, grabs some wood, air compressor and steel and makes a cool perfect one.  She is awesome. She gets an idea in her head and can whip it up in an hour.   (the floors look bad now, but after they are sanded and stained a little darker, they will be beautiful.  photos on that in a few months :)  )