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Scott Street
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something to add a little color to the winter landscape...

Cori brought this rebar tree with her from San Diego and we have been adding bottles since we have started working on the house.  (They all have been drunk for medicinal purposes only :)  )..  Even our neighbor has snuck over and added a few of her own!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's the little things....

 The kitchen cabinets got put in this week. (beautiful!)  Waiting for the countertop.  In the meantime,  here's a picutre of the built in shelves behind the upstairs bathroom door.  What a difference paint makes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple room no longer purple!

We liked the color of living room so much (and we had leftover paint) that we painted the purple room the same color.  Definitely more subtle.  We are going to get neutral carpet for all the upstairs bedrooms because we don't want to pull out the hundreds, maybe thousands, of nails that they used to hold down underlayment.

Finally got a picture..

I finally got a picture taken today of the great bench that Cori made in the upstairs bath.  We took out the old vanity and mirrors and she built this instead.  It is awesome!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello!  Happy 2012!  Except for little things, the upstairs bath is all done.  We are really proud of it.  After Cori made the bench with hooks for towels/robes, I made the old dressing table we got from Habitat into a vanity.  We used  the mirror that matched the downstairs bathroom dresser vanity for over the sink.  We were lucky one day at Lowes and found the exact size remnant we needed for the flooring and saved $50.  It looks like slate but is vinyl and cushiony to walk on.  The door is one of the coolest things.  We got it free when we went to buy another door for one of the bedrooms.  We decided to 'frost' the top window.  I happened to be on the internet and found that there was spray paint that frosted glass.  We thought we would try it since the door was free.  We found some vine-looking stencils that Cori stuck in the 4 corners and then she did the spray painting.  When it dried, in about 30 minutes, we removed the stencils and it came out great.  You can't see through it other than light.  It is pretty unique. 

  The plumbing was replaced in August in this corner in the bathroom and we put some planks on the wall that we had leftover from the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom.  We love the air compressor!

 I think I had posted a picture of the turquoise tub and sink before but wanted you to see the before/after side by side shots.  The new floor is more grayish than the picture shows.  We are pretty proud of this room.  We have to stop and stare at it whenever we walk by-ha!  I was going through my pictures and can't find the final project of Cori's bench.  I will take camera over there tomorrow and get one.