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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back room getting done..

Good morning,
We are whittling away at projects the last few weeks, so nothing has really been completed.  I learned that when you work on a house that has sooo much stuff to be done, you can't just concentrate on one room.  There is always something that pops up that needs your attention first, or you run into problems, or you don't have the right tools, or the weather is nice and you have to get the outside projects done, etc. etc...  We have been trying to get the main floor bathroom done.  So far, we have all the drywall up and floor underlayment down.  Next, we are going to tile.  Will send pictures later... But, I have posted pictures of the addition room on the back of the house.  This room had a flat ceiling and was rotted and disgusting looking, especially after the first day when I took down the drop ceiling.    The roofers came in and took off the whole roof and put a new slope on it.  Cori and I put in insulation between the studs this week and the drywallers came to do the back wall and ceiling.  They did it and the dining room ceiling in ONE HOUR!  Then a lady 'mudder' came over to mud all the seams and corners.  It takes her 4 days because she waits for it to dry between each coat. ( She is the one that makes it pretty so her cost is 3 times the drywallers).  After that is all done, we will blow in insulation through the unfinished closet ceiling and add some paint and then that room should be done. (all except wood floors , which will be done right before we put it up for sale )
Cori just texted me-it's 8am on Sunday morning! I better get over and help her do some projects this morning..

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