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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Crazy Things You Find!!

My sister and niece made it here from San Diego-Yippee!!  Finally, some family close by.  Never in my adult life have I lived by any family members and I am so excited and happy...Family is Everything!
Back to the house project..... The first picture is what you find when you take out an old-type medicine cabinet from a really old house-TONS OF RAZOR BLADES!  There is the little slot in the back of cabinet where men used to put their used blades.  I guess it was for safety reasons.  They probably weren't thinking that somewhere down the road, you might want to remodel.  Does anyone know any craft projects using razor blades?  ha!
So, I let my sister and niece sleep in their first day and we headed over to house yesterday.  Livi (niece) wanted to work on getting all the carpet tack strips out of stairs so their dog wouldn't get hurt by stepping on the sharp buggers.  (is that how you spell buggers? or is it boogers?).  The roofing crew still there and wandering through the house-they climb in open window upstairs instead of using ladder-I don't know why.  They did get the garage roof and add-on framed  in and will be back today.  More on our new 'garage loft' later...
The electricians are still there, too.  Today is their 7th day on the job and still not done.  Got the 'estimate' from boss and almost threw up (more on that later, too).
The second picture is the main floor bath before anything was done to it and the other pic is a surprise we found after pulling off 'nice' 12x12 mirror above tub-The old back door!!! They had glued those mirrors right to the glass on the old back door!!  We knew the bathroom used to be the old back porch but we couldn't believe that they just left the door there and never did anything about it.  Wow-this is one  crazy house so far!
gotta go and let roofers and electricians in and it's just after 6:30am...bye

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