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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been crazy at the house with all the workers doing their 'thing'.   Yesterday the electricians wrapped up their work and are finally gone.  They will be back to install ceiling fixtures and switch plates and anything else that needs done in the next few months as we slowly finish.  They did leave a mess all over house and I am going to have to call the boss this morning to talk about it.  Especially after I gave him the BIG check yesterday.  By BIG check, I mean REALLY BIG.  This is what happened- I called this electrician that I had used before for my rental and he lives 3 blocks away so I thought it would be convenient.  (He did it on the side from his Monday thru Friday job).  We walked through the house and I gave him a list with 11 things that I needed done.  He called early one morning, on a Wed, and asked to be let in house to start the work.  (this was before I got any estimate).  I asked how he could do it on  a Wed and he said that he had his own business and he had 2 guys working for him now.  After 2 days of his workers doing WAY more than I wanted, I called the boss and asked for estimate and he put me off  til over the Labor Day weekend.  After that, I asked 2 more times before he finally told me the price.  It made me swear outloud!!  They did a TOTAL rewire of the whole house, including smoke alarms in all rooms, CO2 alarms, cable wire, telephone jacks, and a bunch of other stuff not needed or wanted (the above picture is a bedroom where they destroyed the walls-making more labor and $ for us-to put in the new outlets). When he asked for money yesterday, I had a talk with telling him I never asked for any of that and he never gave me an estimate upfront, etc etc.  Well, I am soooo weak, that I gave in, paid him and then life goes on...LIVE AND LEARN...
Next, I'll be giving updates on finished roof with pictures.  What a difference...

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