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Sunday, September 4, 2011


The electricians showed up early Wednesday morning.  Two men worked all day Wednesday, Thursday and half a day Friday because of the holiday weekend.  And they still aren't done.  They have done waaaay more than I thought they would be doing.  I finally called the boss to ask if he could give me an estimate (I never got one!) because all I was thinking was "cha-ching-$$$$".  He said he would give me one on Tuesday after the long weekend.  Well, by that time I will probably already be handing him the money for the job. 
  The above pictures are the before and after of the room that used to be a kitchen when it was a 2 family home.   It had paneling and the electrician asked if I was going to be taking it down and drywalling.  I said 'yes' and he said  'is it all right if I take it down so I can put in outlets easier?'  Silly me.  I didn't think it was going to look this bad!!  My niece, Livi, will be here in 2 days and this was supposed to be her room!  It is unliveable right now.  She is going to have to take the ' wonderful purple' room til we get done with this one.  The door is taken out and framed to be a window now.  They added a slope roof instead of a flat one that was on the addition on the back of the house.  The roofers left the hole for the window and left on Thursday having it wide open.  Today I pulled up and a cat was on the roof.  I quick screwed the old screen door over the hole so animals couldn't get in the house.  I hope there weren't any in there because now they can't escape!
Sister, Cori and niece, Livi made it to Illinois from San Diego.  DeWitt, Michigan next stop!
I'm going to watch a movie now. Take my mind off the house for a few hours :)

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