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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally got a working toilet!

This is my daughter, Amanda, after she helped me put in the new toilet.  It's kinda of a temporary fix.  We'll have to take it out again when we decide on what floor to put in and what we want to do with the exposed vent pipe to the attic. I hope my niece won't be too afraid to use it when they get here from Cali.  Now that the plumbing is all done, we have a kitchen sink with water and the toilet.   Now no running home to use one..
The furnace is being installed Thursday and the new roof is starting Friday.  It is supposed to take 3-5 days.  Labor intensive because there are 4 layers!  Also, the addition has a flat roof that they are making sloped.  No more flat roof for the Michigan weather!
bye for now..
p.s  I did want to mention that the plumber took the cast iron tub out all by himself!  His friend never showed up so he put it on his back, like a turtle, and carried it down the stairs.  Plumbers are strong!!

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