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Friday, August 19, 2011

Now you see it, now you don't!

The tub is gone and it wasn't a big mess either.  The plumber had a friend come over and help him haul the heavy cast iron tub out in one piece.  I had brought 4 32-gal garbage cans, a bunch of rubbermaid totes and all the buckets I had, just in case they were needed to haul all the pieces away.   I'm sure I'll find enough garbage to fill all of them in the next few months.  A family that  Amanda knows is also remodeling a house and they have a huge dumpster they rented sitting in front of their house.  They said we can use it to dump our stuff.  I'll be taking them up on the offer pretty soon. 
As of a few hours ago, the plumber still wasn't completely done with all the pipes.  It's ok if I don't have water yet because we have other plans for the weekend and won't be spending much time there anyway.  But, it looks great so far.  All new PVC for the drains and PEX for water lines. I'll  hook up the new upstairs toilet I bought at Lowes yesterday on Sunday.  I won't have to run to the local park restroom anymore!
The town Ox Roast Festival started yesterday.  The house is only a block away from all the fun.  Heading there now...

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