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Scott Street
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good thing it's not winter!

Gas company came over first thing this morning and turned on the gas.  I hadn't needed any since its summer and I didn't need the hot water heater since I didn't have any water until a few days ago.  An hour after the gas company left, the furnace guys came to install furnace.  They were first going to remove old furnace and then go pick up the new one.  When I went there 3 hours later, I was surprised that they were gone.  I thought they finished pretty fast.  But, when I went down to basement there was nothing there.  Then I found a note that said the new one hadn't arrived so they will be back when it comes in.  Whenever that is!! My phones were out all day today because I switched providers so first thing tomorrow I will give them a call.  Luckily it's August.....
Roofers showing up tomorrow-we'll see...

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