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Scott Street
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Tomorrow the plumber is coming to finally give the house some water.  When I had the house inspected, the bank's real estate agent said that the house wasn't properly winterized (in MI you have to do that!) so the pipes had burst and they didn't want the water turned on to make it worse.  I decided I was going to buy the house anyway and take my chances that there wasn't too much damage, like mold.  I started getting estimates to fix the pipes. It was suggested that I get all new plumbing because through the years it had been fixed by people who might not have known what they were doing (there are 5 types of pipes/drains in the house).  After 4 estimates, I finally picked the plumber yesterday.  For the last week, we have been exposing all the pipes and drains.  The plumber told me that I have one more wall to do in the upstairs bath to expose the vent stack that goes up through the roof.  Gotta head over there now..

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