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Scott Street
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plumber started ripping out pipes and drains yesterday.(i dont know if 'ripping out' is a plumbing term-ha!). He threw the main cast iron pipe and some galvanized pipe out in the yard. It smelled!  I'm saving it for my friends, the thrifty sisters, so I had to throw a tarp over it hoping no other metal scavengers got it overnight.  The kitchen is a mess! When the plumber cut out one pipe that extended across the width of the room, he said it was filled with black stinky stuff and it poured all over him and the floor.  I noticed when I went back to the house that he had changed his shirt and after seeing the kitchen I realized why.  Today he is supposed to demolish the beautiful turquoise tub.  Darn!
I signed the contract to get a furnace.  It should be installed in the next 5-10 days.  Hopefully we won't need to run it for months!  As soon as it is put in, I need to get ducts cleaned.  They have probably 75 years of dust,toys,spiders and who-knows-what in them.  I don't want Livi and Cori breathing that.  Then we will add our own dust in the next 6-8 months!
I stopped at my favorite store yesterday-Habitat Restore.  I bought a brand-new, still in box, all-in-one utility sink for basement.  It comes with sink, faucet, hoses and P-trap.  In a store it runs about $100 but I got it for $38.  (call me Thrifty).  Also, I got an antique dresser/desk that can be used to make a vanity in the first floor bath.  When we get to that project, I'll send before and after pics.
Got to get going for the day and buy a toilet!

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